Biotechnology is a junior/senior level course that will focus on general lab skills, microbiology, DNA technology, immunology, bioethics, and using current scientific research to differentiate science from pseudoscience.

Anatomy and Physiology is a junior/senior level science course at Southwestern High School.  Students study body systems in-depth and do several dissections.  Anatomy is recommended for students who wish to enter the health care field.

Honors Biology is a fast-paced science course for freshmen at Southwestern High School.  Topics covered are: scientific method, cell structure and function, energetics (photosynthesis and cellular respiration), heredity, evolution, and ecology.

AP Biology is a college-level biology course for juniors and seniors at Southwestern High School.  Curriculum is focused on the AP Biology four big ideas: evolution, energy flow, heredity, ecology. This class requires work outside of the classroom and is challenging.  The first time you log-in, it may ask for a password; the password is piasabirds.